Senin, 30 Mei 2011

A guide to reality TV

reality television programs are growing in popularity. there are many different types but all of them have one thing in common-they make ordinary people famous, if only for a few days. here is a sample of some of the most popular shows.

Big Brother
this populer program originated in the netherlands. many different countries have adapted the program. on big brother, ten people live in a house together. the housemates cannot contact the outside world. there is no TV, radio, telephone, the internet, newspapers, or any other forms of media. The contestants have to share the housework. In addition, "big brother" gives them a special job or task every week. these tasks test their ability to work as a team. in most countries, the audience votes to eliminate one of the competitors each week. In the united states, however, the contestants vote, but the public doesn't.

Fear factor
on this program, contestant "face their fears" to win money. in order to win, they have to do many things to test their courage. For example, they often have to eat live worms and other small animals such as insects. IN addition, their bodies may be covered with bees or they may be asked to get inside a box full of snakes. there are many different types of fear factor teams. Some of the teams consists of female competitors; other teams are made up of siblings. There have even been parent and child teams. The producers of fear factor say that all stunts have been tested. Indeed, no one has been injured yet.

one very populer reality show is survivor. on this program, 16 people compete for $1,000,000. They must live outside and cook their own food. they often have to catch it as well. In addition, the competitors must perform different kinds of physical tests. every week the competitors vote out  one member of their group. The producers say that the competition depends on the competitors ability to survive in the wilderness. however, understanding politics is actually the most important skill. successful players must be able to make agreements with other players. if they cannot do this, the other competitors will eliminate them. when only two  people are left, the previously eliminated contestants vote to give one of thee finalists $1,000,000.

Temptation Island
Temptation Island takes four couples to a tropical island. The couples are not married, but they have serious relationships. on the island, the couples are separated. the four women stay with 13 handsome bachelors. The four men stay with a group of beautiful single women. the single men and women are supposed to tempt the members of each couple to leave their mates. If a single person can convince  a men or women to leave his or her mate, he or she wins. many religious organizations are upset about this show. they say that it is immoral because it is about sex, not realitionships. A television executive defends the show. He says that it help couples learn about themselves.


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